Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Family Room Update: The Green Wall is Dead! Plus, Furniture and Fireplace Progress

Family Room Update: The Green Wall is Dead! Plus, Furniture and Fireplace Progress
What does Maggie have to do with our family room makeover? Nothing. She just looked super cute this morning on our morning walk with the daisies behind her. Also, I felt like you should have a cute photo to look at since the rest of the photos have some form of DIY carnage in progress.

I can't believe it's been a month since I first wrote about starting our family room makeover! We've had a jam-packed month but we managed to get a few things done in our family room. To see what this room looked like before, click here. Here's what we've done so far:

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy July! Summer-y Bits of Randomness

Happy July! I don't have any one big thing to talk about today, and yet I have many little things in my head so I thought I'd write a 'Bits of Randomness' post, Summer Edition. Strap on your seat belt, I'm all over the place today!


I love cherry season and it's another sign that summer is here! Can you see the heart shaped one? Now that I think about it, they all look a little heart shaped to me. Stuffing my gut with these as I type:
I love seeing hearts in things, you can see more on my Hearts Pinterest board.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Garden Tour 2014

Summer Garden Tour: Orange roses

June is the prettiest month in our garden. All the roses are in bloom and things still look fresh and green, not yet wilted from the heat of summer. I love sitting out on the patio in the mornings, sipping my coffee and enjoying a little quiet time with my dog, and I also like to putter around the garden to see what's new and growing or blooming. This year I haven't been as attentive to our garden as in years past. Even though the backyard has been a bit neglected, it's still putting on a beautiful show. Way to bring it, garden!

Would you like to take a stroll with me and check out what's blooming in the garden today? It was a bit misty this morning when I took these photos so some of the flowers have raindrops on them, but it cleared up and turned into a beautiful day.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Red Velvet Cupcakes for a 25th Anniversary Party

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

What do you think of your neighbors? Are they good neighbors, annoying neighbors, cranky and crotchety old neighbors? Are they noisy with the barking dog or loud music, or worse yet, with the kid who runs around outside screaming that high pitched scream at the top of their lungs (you know the one) for hours on end? Maybe you don't even know your neighbors. Well let me tell you about the people in our neighborhood, particularly the ones right next door to us, Mark and Marla, who threw a really fun party last night at the local golf club to celebrate their 25th anniversary. SO fun. Let's just say there was so much dancing happening that I'm actually sore this morning...

Friday, June 20, 2014

23 Ways to Transform Walls with Paint and Pattern

23 Ways to Transform Walls with Paint and Pattern | Lilikoi Joy
Hello and Happy Friday to you! It's also the last day of Spring! Do you have any weekend plans? I'm so looking forward to this weekend, we lots of fun things planned - from a 25th anniversary party for our awesome neighbors M&M, to hanging out with my sis, to continuing the family room update. I'll fill you in on some of the happenings later next week, but right now I want to talk about painted patterned walls! I recently curated a Paint Patterned Walls board on Hometalk and found so many amazing and creative patterned wall projects there that I wanted to share them here with you. For more details on each of these amazing walls and more, click on the collage image above or go to my Paint Patterned Walls board where you'll find a link to each of these patterned wall ideas and more. People are so creative. I love that. :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

One Cake to Feed Them All: Lord of the Rings Eye of Sauron Cake

One Cake to Feed Them All: Lord of the Rings Eye of Sauron Cake

Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? Then you probably know about the Eye of Sauron (you can google an image of it if you don't know what it is). I won't go into all the details of life in mythical Middle-Earthdom (because I don't actually know), but let's just say Sauron is a super evil dark lord bad guy who wants to rule Middle Earth. The flaming eyeball in the movie belongs to Sauron and could see everything, especially the whereabouts of the One Ring, which had dark powers that were tied to Sauron. As long as the One Ring continued to exist, so did Sauron, and of course, the good guys figured out that if they wanted to live in a happy hobbit-y world, they would need to destroy the One Ring or be dominated by the will of Sauron forEVerrr. Or something like that.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Family Room Makeover: The Beginning

It's time for another DIY home improvement project around here! You didn't think we could go too long without fixing up another room in our house, did you? :) #remodel-holic

Remodel-holic [ree-MOD-el-hall-ick], also related to DIY-itis, an obsession seen in slightly insane but optimistic hopefuls who dream of taking a house and making it their own on a limited budget, limited time, and a lot of caffeine. Often leads to highs such as giddy feelings of accomplishment from making something with your own two hands while paying a lot less money by doing it yourself. People with this condition may also experience negative side effects such as sore muscles, bickering, cussing under their breath, spending ridiculous amounts of time at home improvement stores, and the annoying quoting of phrases such as "measure twice, cut once!" 

We've been inflicted with this bug for twenty-something years, since our first home together. I fear we're too far gone to be cured. ;)

Okay, enough silliness - let's talk about home improvement!

You know how something as seemingly innocent as buying a piece of furniture leads to an entire room makeover? No? Well yeah, it happens. Apparently I have the gene that tells me that's how we do things around here. We're finally getting rid of our old uncomfortable sectional in the family room that's seen our little boy through to adulthood. Now that our son is in college and no longer leaves a trail of goldfish crackers and sticky fingered destruction wherever he goes, we ordered a new sectional sofa almost 3 months ago, and after several delays, it should be arriving in the next week or so. Hooray! Since the new sectional won't have the recliner part of the sofa anymore like this one does, we HAD to get an ottoman to put our feet up, AND, since we have this nice new furniture, we're going to update the fireplace that I've been talking about wanting to do for the past 10 years, AND THEN, since we're doing that, I might as well paint the room, right?! Is that how your mind works too? Anyone? :) Rick thought he was just getting a new sofa but he's getting an entirely new room! He LOVES living with me.

Come on in and let me show you our family room as it currently looks: