Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Adventures of Flat Sophia

Last week, I got a packet in the mail that perplexed AND amused me. In this packet was a letter from my 6 year old niece Sophia, AKA Princess FiFi, as we like to call her in our family. The letter went like this:
xoxo - you can never have too many hugs and kisses :)

Also in the packet was a life size cut-out paper doll logically named "Flat Sophia", as well as a letter from her Kindergarten teacher explaining how they just read the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. As Sophia's teacher explains, it's the story of a little boy who ends up flat after an incident with a bulletin board. Stanley and his family are alarmed at his predicament at first, but later Stanley discovers some unique advantages to his flattened shape including being able to visit his friend in California by putting himself in an envelope and mailing it to California. Sophia's class is recreating this adventure by creating their own "Flat Stanley", writing letters about it, and mailing it to someone to visit for a week. As the "chosen one", you in turn are encouraged to send back a letter, emails, photos, etc. from the visit.

Now how could I resist such a sweet letter from my sweet Princess FiFi?

At first, I was all like, what the heck do I do with this for a week?!?!?

The only adventure we've been having around here lately are trips back and forth to the hospital, and that didn't seem too exciting for a little flat girl. Perhaps we can re-name this "Flat Sophia's Staycation Adventures" and show her the everyday fun "adventures" that we have around here! <---said with as much excitement as I could muster. Yeah, I can roll with that. I texted Middle Sis (Sophia's amazing mom) and told her that I got Sophia's packet in the mail. She told me Sophia really wanted to send it to me, so have at it. That touched my heart and I told her I thrived on dorky challenges, in which my sister promptly responded, "Yeah, I think that's why she picked you!" She knows me so well. :)

After a week of Flat Sophia hanging out with us, here's the letter that I sent back to Sophia's teacher to give to Sophia:

Dear Sophia,
Imagine my surprise when Flat Sophia arrived in our mail last week in her cushy brown envelope! We were so excited to have her visit us for the week. When she first got here, she was feeling a little wrinkled and tired from her trip, so we sat on the bench in our back yard to get some fresh air and relax for a little while. Maggie the dog wasn’t too sure about her at first. She’s used to seeing Real Sophia, but Flat Sophia took some getting used to:

Flat FiFi (which became her nickname while she was here) helped Uncle Rick make his famous vegetarian chili for dinner. Here she is stirring the pot. Flat FiFi thought the chili was a little spicy but she enjoyed trying something new:

On Easter day, we had an Easter egg hunt at our house. Flat FiFi helped me make coconut cupcakes for Easter dessert. She liked them very much, but she prefers pancakes to cupcakes because they are flat, like her!

Flat FiFi got to go to hula practice with me one night. Hula dancing is something I used to do when I was a little girl in elementary school in Hawaii, and I still love to do today. Did you know your Grandma is Polynesian? Your mom, your Auntie Joyce, and I were all born in Hawaii, a place that I know you love too. Do you remember how much fun we had playing on the beach there together? Even though we don’t live in Hawaii anymore, there is still Hawaiian spirit and Aloha right here in the Pacific Northwest. Our hula group performs dances at church and at festivals. We wear traditional hula skirts called pa’u (pronounced like paw-OO) skirts, which you see me wearing in this picture below. Flat FiFi got to dress up in Hawaiian shorts and a lei, which is the flower necklace she is wearing in the picture:

Flat FiFi had a great time at our house. While it was sad to see her go, I know she will be very happy to return home to you. Mahalo (Thank you) for letting her visit!

Auntie Sharon

In the picture above, I made the little Hawaiian board shorts for Flat Sophia and sent her back in this get-up. It's just a giant paper doll, after all - remember making paper clothes for your paper dolls when you were little? I totally win the dorky challenge.

There were a couple pictures that I took while Flat Sophia was visiting that I chose to leave out of the letter. One is of my dear ol' Dad holding Flat Sophia and peeking out from behind her. We were cracking up about it but after looking at it for awhile, we thought it best to leave it out since we don't want to scare the little children. But you - you can handle it:
While Flat Sophia was fun to have around, I much prefer the Real Princess FiFi. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Love you, Little Lovebug!!


  1. Love the blog post, Sharon! Flat FiFi... haha!

  2. Love this!! Thanks for making this so special for her! PattyB

    1. My pleasure Patty! Isn't that picture of Dad so HIM? It was cracking me up as he was doing that. Love you! xoxo

  3. Love this!! Flat fifi is a wonderful idea! Looked like she had a great stay action! - Amy

    1. Thanks Amy, we made the most of it! LOL xoxo


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