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Bringing Sexy Closets! DIY Custom Organizers

See these Custom Organizers and more in the completed master closet makeover!

Let's face it - organization and storage ideas for your closet aren't the most sexy topics out there on the internet. But say you have a well-organized closet, and at the very last minute you're invited to a fabulous celebrity party and have 5 minutes to get ready for it before the limo picks you up, so you walk into your closet and find everything you need to dress like a sexy beast instantly because it's sooo organized and you make it to the party in time for Justin Timberlake in his suit and tie to spot you across the room, AND, because you're looking so irresistible and put together, he can't help but stride over to you singing, "♪Aren't you somethin' to admire? 'Cause your shine is something like a mirror!♪" Closet organization is starting to look pretty damn sexy now, amiright?!

Well, that story almost happened to me!! Okay not really, but I did see Justin Timberlake in concert last night (AWESOME SHOW!!!) and I'm pretty sure he spotted me out of a gazillion people and locked eyes with me, so in the spirit of my night with Justin last night, I thought bringing sexy closets back would be the perfect theme for today's post. This will be a tough challenge since I don't think there has been a time in the history of closets that they've ever been sexy, but we'll try, just for JT.

If you recall from the Master Closet Makeover: The Beginning post, our closet has good bones, but it's kind of a hot mess. First of all, I have way too much stuff in it, so my goal is to clean at least half of it out. Here's what we started with:
What's the opposite of sexy? This closet. Unsexy.
Now that I got it all cleaned out and painted, my next goal was to add more organizers in the closet to help me stay, you know, organized. When thinking about organization to a closet, one of the questions to ask yourself is this:
Are you a folder or a hanger-upper?

Knowing that about yourself will help you gear towards organizational ideas that will work better for you. I myself am more of a hanger-er. Sure I could add more drawer/folding storage in our closet, but in the end I know I probably wouldn't utilize it as well as if I had more hanging options. Years ago, we moved the hanging rods around to give us more room to hang things. We had one rod going across the back wall with a weird unused space on the back right side next to the built in drawers and shelves, so we moved the rod to the right side instead and added a second hanging rod halfway down to give us more hanging storage for Rick's shirts. That gave us room to add a small dresser (which we are actually going to take out - I'll explain later in another post). That reconfiguration alone gave us so much more options in this closet. Look in your own closet and see if rearranging the hanging rods might give you more room. If you are a folder, you'll probably want to find ways to put in more drawers and shelving storage in your closet. Maybe you're a balanced combination of both, or whoever you share your closet is one way and you're another - then you'd try to have a balance of both hanging and drawer/shelf storage in your closet.

I'd love to have a custom closet company come in and do a complete makeover on our closet. That would be fun! Have you priced closet organization systems lately? Even standard items like hooks or dividers can get pretty spendy and since a professional custom closet system was out of our budget, we made own organizers. It's a lot less expensive, plus you customize it to fit your closet which maximizes your space. Maximizing is sexy.

Here's how we customized our own closet, presented in the sexiest and most exciting way I could muster:

If you have a large scarf collection, try this idea for around $10 - hang two towel racks on the wall and hang your scarves over the rods! I have 20 scarves hanging here and could probably fit a few more on each rack. Yeah, baby!

You can also try some of the scarf hangers they have out there, but my collection was too big to work well on the hangers. I actually downsized my collection to the 20 that are here now! I had a scarf hanger from Ikea but my scarves just got buried and I couldn't see the ones underneath the top layer. With the towel rods, you can see them all easily. Damn straight that's enticing! Especially that Mickey scarf. Can you spot it? It's one of those hidden Mickey things.

Even the smallest of closets has room for a hook or two. I added quite a few hooks in the closet since I discovered I'd much rather hang than fold. Actually I've become a little lazy with my clothes and apparently I'd rather just throw them on the floor, but I'm hoping hooks will help me keep things off the floor. If you wear a robe, a robe hook is so handy. You can also use a hook for hanging clothes that you don't necessarily want to put back in the drawer or on the hanger after wearing once but can be worn again - I call those "clothes in transit" (or play clothes as my mom used to call it):
Sexy robe (maybe a little worn but still lovable)

Here's another hook idea - add a sliding bar with hooks for belts and more clothes! This makes it so easy to see and access all the items on hooks, including the stuff in the back. Hot, right?! You might wonder why you need a slideout bar since you can see everything so easily now, but a normal closet has clothes on the rods and those clothes will be up against the side there and hide those hooks from sight. Out of sight, out of mind. With slideout bars, you can pull out the bar and easily see everything on the hooks. Get the genious-ness of them now? I'm working on a post that I'll have ready later this week with directions on how to make these slideout bars. Such a tease, I know. (Update: it's ready! Link to those directions here)

By making your own slideout system, you can customize it to exactly how you use it. For Rick's side of the closet, he decided he wanted some pegs for his ties and some hooks for his belts, and then he just made it that way! Smart guys are sexy.

We have rather deep drawers and trying to organize small items like undergarments and socks was a lost cause. It was a jumbled mess in there. Adding custom dividers makes all the difference! You can buy adjustable drawer dividers for about $20 and this is a fine option, but they weren't tall enough for our 9 inch deep drawers. They'd be more like a speed bump than an actual divider - I could see socks trying to jump the border all the time if I bought those! For around $5, you can make your own with 1/4" MDF or other smooth wood or laminate. Just cut them to the size you want. I even saw a youtube video of someone who used foam board to make their drawer dividers, which would cost a buck or 2 at most! Since I didn't want these to be permanent, I just attached them with white duct tape. That's right, duct tape. I can't tell you how much easier it is to keep things neat now!
Drawer divider photos are so NOT sexy. 

Maybe a sweet graphic of an in-depth look inside my drawers will be more alluring:
Maybe the granny panties comment should have been left off. That probably blew the whole sexy closet idea.

So that's the latest in our master closet makeover project! I might not have achieved sexy closet status in this post, but I'm a lot more organized and that could easily lead to a celebrity party invitation, right?! Stay tuned in a few days for a tutorial on how to make those decorative slide-out bars with hooks. I'm pretty sure Justin Timberlake can't wait for that post! ♪I can't wait 'til I get to see your closet, good-looking...♪
Justin Timberlake @ Key Arena, Seattle, January 17, 2014! Not too shabby, eh? He's serenading my sister here in this shot. He wants us! ;)


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  1. I am positive that JT will be proposing soon!! What will you tell your hubby?? lol. Your closet looks great! I actually did the same thing with slide outs for hangers! It adds an extra bit of storage!! Now to sort all my undies!!!

  2. Love your humor .. and your ideas!

    1. Thank you so much Carole, I appreciate you stopping by! Sharon

  3. Oh my girl! Only you could make a post about closet organization so funny and so fun to read! I'm totally laughing at the Granny Panties! Yes, we all have them, but I love that you admited to having them :) Zoe always gets on my case when I talk about my granny panties. They're just normal panties (not the sexy lacey g-string that I normall wear) like the bikini ones or hipster ones she wears, so she gets offended when I call mine granny panties! Oops! I have to watch what I say in front of my teen, right?
    You're too hipster that you went and saw Justin! I love it! You're so young at heart and I truly belevie that he was locking eyes wiht you across the crowed audience ;)
    Have a great week girl and thanks for brining a smile to my face! xoxo, Jackie

    1. I talk freely about the granny panties, hahaha! :) JT is such a great entertainer, it was such a great show! A fun night for sure. Hope your week is going well too! xoxo, Sharon

  4. This post killed me! The granny panties graphic was the best! This series comes at the perfect time- we started redoing our closet last year and got as far as rearranging the bars then dropped it. I'm picking it back up this month and want to get it organized for good! Can't wait for that slide-out bar tutorial, I'm planning to use at least 2 of them!

    1. I hope to post the slide out tutorial tonight or tomorrow, glad you are getting ideas for your own closet! You'll be so happy once your closet is done! Thanks for stopping by. Sharon

  5. Now, I know the lyrics to that song! I could never understand what he was singing. Your before closet is still my goal lol. I did clean mine out and I got rid of a ton of clothes, shoes and handbags. Three huge garbage bags later to Goodwill and it's much better. I wish I had drawers in my closet for underthings instead of making a naked mad dash to my dresser in the bedroom after I shower hoping the boys aren't awake yet. Of course they don't care and start talking to me like I'm fully clothed. As they get older I'm sure it will scar them for life. This is why closet organization is important!

  6. OH GIRL. This is inspiration-city at exactly the perfect time! Andy will be reading this post and implementing some of these ideas for me. :) He thanks you. I loved your bra haiku!

  7. Awesome! I can't believe those sliding hook racks. How fabulous is that. Not as fab as Justin, but still, pretty darn amazing. What an impressive makeover Sharon!! Looking forward to the how to:)

    1. LOL! Thanks Krista! xo, Sharon

    2. Krista, this is our solution to the clothes that we wear once and can wear again but don't hang back up on the hanger! I was thinking of you when I wrote that part since we share that same "affliction"! ha!

  8. Hi Sharon!
    I love your closet! Such great organizing idea! Do you mind if I feature them on my organizing site? Organize and Inspire
    I would use just one picture and give full credit to you with a link back to your site. Just let me know.


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