Friday, January 10, 2014

Living Room Dreamin', Statement Chairs, and a Craigslist Find

I've been working on our master closet makeover this week and need a little break from it, so let's talk living rooms today. Have I told you about our living room? It's a fine room, a place where we can sit and visit with friends and family. It's my favorite place in the house to read. The furniture in it, while still decent and not too outdated (okay, some of it is a little outdated), is at least 15 years old. Old stuff doesn't bother me, but when you live with something for 15-20 years, you get a little tired of looking at it and sometimes just want to update your look. Our old black coffee table was my parents table from when I was growing up - I stared at that thing for 30-something years! I recently replaced that coffee table with the first new piece of furniture in this room to be updated in years. Here's what it currently looks like:
Aerial view of the llving room
I've managed to keep the living room somewhat current by changing out the accessories and pillows and painting furniture pieces we already had, and I hung new curtains last summer that really updated the room, but we (meaning me), we are now at the point of wanting a major change, including painting, reconfiguring, and replacing furniture. Ooh, I'd love to have the wood floors extend into the living room too! Keep dreaming, sistah.

I've been big into looking at chairs for the living room lately. My, how chairs have changed since we last bought that pair of off-white sunburst patterned armchairs back in the 90s! There are so many styles and choices of chairs to choose from, how do you decide what's right for your home and style? You turn to the experts for help, that's how. Do you know about One Kings Lane Home Decor Resource Guide? I've followed One Kings Lane for a couple years now and they always have amazing home decor with many gorgeous styles to suit almost everyone's taste. One article that I recently read that struck a chord was How to Incorporate Statement Furniture into Any Room.

Chairs are not just functional, but aesthetically they help to express our style. A statement chair is a great way of adding personality into a room. Is your style modern? Global? Mid-century modern? Baroque? Don't know what the heck those terms mean? It's one thing to know what style you like and quite another to see if it will complement your own particular room.

Take this vintage Chinese Chippendale chair I picked up last summer from Craigslist for $100. This style of chair goes for $600 at Jonathan Adler. Score!
Someone asked about the black mirrored cabinet in this photo. You can check out this computer armoire makeover here.
I like this chair because of the bamboo that appeals to the tropical/beachy side of me and the classic styling that still feels modern with the geometric fretwork. The person I bought it from thought it was from the 60s, but I don't know if that's really true - could be, could be not - I just know I liked it. The chair is worn in some areas, especially at the base of the legs and the top, and the caning on the chair is worn and even broken in a couple spots, but overall it's in pretty good shape. I've seen some similar gorgeously painted chairs (think classic black or white, and bolder colors like chartreuse and hot pink!) and I was initially tempted to paint this chair, but I think I'll keep it in it's natural state for now, it looks good next to the black computer armoire and will work great as our computer/desk chair. Any suggestions on how to "refresh" the stained color/finish somehow on a chair like this? I'll probably add a seat cushion to protect the caning from further damage and to give the chair a little color and comfort.

After browsing through the OKL resource guide, I found out all sorts of things about Chippendale furniture, like the history of it and who made it. There are several distinct styles of Chippendale furniture such as Gothic and Chinese (or "Chinoiserie", like the chair I have. I just like to say "chinoiserie"), but there is also a version that a lot people visualize when they think of Chippendale furniture, a style that to me is more American or traditional style, like these:

From One Kings Lane

Let's check out some other statement chair styles. Any strike your fancy?

I love this modern lucite chair. It may not be for everyone but it would look great in a cool modern setting or as an unexpected twist in a more eclectic setting:
From One Kings Lane

Does the idea of a chaise longue or fainting chair appeal to your Victorian parlor sensibilities? Check this one out. I swoon!
From One Kings Lane

Here's an updated global inspired interpretation of a 19th century English style chair that would add a dash of personality to a space:
From One Kings Lane

Is mid-century vintage more your style? Check out these gorgeous Erwin Lambeth club chairs upholstered in this golden cocoa silk. Oh my goodness, these are yummy:
From One Kings Lane

I.Must.Resist.The BIRDS! This contemporary armless chair would definitely make a statement with this fun and happy bird fabric. A bird on a chair is worth two on the armrest. Now I'm just making sayings up that make no sense, kind of like the original saying.
From Macy's

How about zebra as a statement pattern? I love graphic black and white and have been eyeing this particular chair for years. It always catches my eye when I see it. I don't think zebra print really goes with my house (particularly with my husband), but this chair would definitely find a place in one of my 10 fantasy houses I own in my head. I have to own that many so I can decorate them all differently. This level of "home decor enthusiast" is a sickness.
From Wayfair

I'm loving this fantastic turquoise wing back chair. It's more traditional than I usually gravitate towards but I think the modern happy color sold me. It's very Downton Abbey-ish, don't you think? (Did you see the season premiere?!)
From One Kings Lane

Classic leather club chairs never go out of style. This tufted leather chair is fantastic:
From Horchow

Okay, this is my kind of chair! I love the classic traditional lines of a Bergere chair and this black and white modern geometric fabric freshens it up. The fabric reminds me of my curtains:
From One Kings Lane

Can you tell what website I was hanging out on today? :) It's fun to check out what's out there when you're looking for something specific and it's a lot easier to do it online in your Christmas jammies rather than having to actually get dressed and trek around town to a bunch of different stores. Thanks for daydreaming along with me. Happy chair hunting! Or whatever you're doing today. :)



  1. Isn't hanging out in your jammies the best!! What an awesome deal you got on your chair and I must say your living room is just gorgeous!!

  2. I love the freedom of online shopping now- I can find way more exciting products online then I can in my little neck'o'the woods. Your living room looks beautiful!

  3. I love your chair! That's such a great find. I love your statement chair picks, too. Your living room is looking fantastic!

  4. Sharon, I love your living room!! I can't wait to re-do mine one day.


    1. Thank you Denyse! You're making great progress in your house, love to see what you're up to also. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo, Sharon

  5. Ok, girl! I LOVE, LOVE your new look! Did you do that yourself or have a pro do it? It's so free, creative, whimisiclal and happy, totally you! I espically love the flowers! Now you totally have me wanting to update my header. :)
    Love that chair you scored on Craigs list. It looks like these two McGuire chairs that we have at both desks in the house (which were not cheap, but I bought them with my resale license years ago, so they didn't break the bank too much). I'm sure you're going to add a beautiful cushion to the chair as well!
    Shopping on-line in jammies is the way to go! It's so nice to have those days off where you can just chill in your jammies! Love you! Have a great week girl! xoxo, Jackie

    1. Good morning Jackie! I did the new blog look myself! I'm still thinking about having a pro come in and help me with a couple things I can't figure out, but so far everything on the blog I've figured out as I've gone along. I added those two little flowers as a whim and I loved them! Thank you for noticing them, they're my favorite part. :)
      I love the days off! Not off today but was nice to have a couple days off. Hope your new job is going well! Love you right back! xoxo, Sharon

  6. Such a lovely living room, Sharon! Where did you get your curtains? The pattern really caught my attention.
    I'm currently on the search for a desk chair that doesn't look like it belongs in a cubicle :P. Hoping I can thrift and re-upholster one!

  7. Wow, I love your style!! I'd take any one of these chairs, lol! My favorite though is the quatrefoil patterned chair from One Kings Lane. Great finds, thanks for sharing! And thanks for stopping by FF the other day!


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