Monday, February 10, 2014

Pinterest Party Craft Project: Three Looks with Clay Pots

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm getting so excited for this weekend's Pinterest Party with Michaels and Hometalk. I'll be at the Everett, WA Michaels store on Sunday, February 16 from 1 pm - 4 pm for a Pinterest inspired crafting party and I'd love for you to join me! I'll be bringing these clay pot ideas to the party and will show you how easy it is to decorate these!
Join Me at the Michaels Store in Everett, WA
1325B SE Everett Mall Way
Everett, WA 98208

To get our creative juices flowing for the party, I thought I'd share several craft projects I made over the weekend. Since I'm jonesing for Spring (and Summer!) to get here, a clay pot project was a nice way for me to daydream of spring and planting things, things that require warmth and sunshine, like me. :)

Here's what I started with - basic, everyday terracotta clay pots:
Craft Project: Three Looks with Clay Pots
The great thing about these pots is they're so inexpensive. The pots I used were only $1.49 each!

These pots are kind of generic looking as-is, but they're also a blank slate. With a little creativity, you can turn them into something better. Below I created three very different looks to show you just how versatile these clay pots can be.

Look #1: Fresh & Modern
How about this simple graphic look with stripes?
Craft Project: Three Looks with Clay Pots - Fresh and Modern

To make these, I painted the pots with white Patio Paint (conveniently sold right by the clay pots at Michaels and great for absorbent clay surfaces). Then I used colored rubber bands and spaced them around the pot at regular intervals. There's no need to measure the spacing, just eyeball them and keep adjusting until you think it looks good. Make the stripes as narrow or as wide as you'd like and use rubber band widths that aren't too thin. How simple is that?! Succulents look great in these pots:
Craft Project: Three Looks with Clay Pots - Fresh and Modern

Look #2: Pretty in Gold (and Pink!)
I love the idea of using decorated clay pots as creative containers for a party. Line them and use them to hold straws, utensils, or candy. Use the saucers to hold items like cupcakes. For these pots, I painted gold polka dots using a round foam stencil brush, and I also added gold stripes on the other pot. I love the combination of pink and gold for a girly party setting: 
Craft Project: Three Looks with Clay Pots - Pretty in Gold

You could do this with pastel colors for Easter or your favorite sports team colors for a sports themed party (notice the rubber band stripes above are in SEAHAWKS colors?!?)

Since it's impossible to get painter's tape to lay flat around a tapered pot to tape off stripes for painting, I used rubber bands as a guide to mark my stripes and then painted carefully inside the rubber bands. The lines aren't perfect but that doesn't bother me. Let's just call it artistic! I thought the rubber band guides looked kind of cool on the pots and that's how I came up with the idea for the rubber band striped pots above. That's how it goes with crafting - you experiment and find new ways to create different looks. One idea might inspire another, then another - creativity is endless! I love those light bulb moments.
Craft Project: Three Looks with Clay Pots - Pretty in Gold

Look #3: Farmhouse Chic Herb Pots
Here's another completely different look, but still oh-so-charming. I painted these pots white as a base, then taped off the top rim and spray painted the body with chalkboard paint. After that dried, I used a stencil that I found at Michaels right above the clay pots to stencil the herb names onto the pot with chalk. These stencils are great because they stick to the pot but come off easily. When using chalk, just rub the chalk carefully over the stencil. If you want the letters to be more permanent, you could stencil with white paint. I love the terracotta color showing from the inside of these pots.
Craft Project: Three Looks with Clay Pots - Farmhouse Chic Herb Pots

How chic are these for a kitchen window?
Craft Project: Three Looks with Clay Pots - Farmhouse Chic Herb Pots

My favorite thing about crafting is that no matter what your style is, you can incorporate your own personality and style into everything you make. How great is that? :) 

Do these projects have you inspired to get your crafting on yet? Then plan on coming to the Pinterest Party on February 16th! I'd love to see you there.



  1. How fun! I so wish I lived closer so I could come. I love these ideas! I've paid for herb pots that look just like those.

  2. They are all so pretty, but I LOVE the gold ones...amazing!!

  3. They are all fabulous Sharon! I LOVE the gold ones ...and with the pink, perfect!

  4. These are all so cute. I love that you made serving dishes out of them too!!

  5. These are fabulous! Enjoyed getting to know you + your blog from the Pinterest Party!

    1. Thank you Sarah, same here! Thank you for stopping by. Sharon

  6. Sharon, you are amazingly creative! Love, love these ideas for sprucing up terracotta pots. :) [I've been away from the online world, unexpectedly, but I am back and loving the amazing stuff you do!]


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