Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIY Tropical Pineapple Pillow

DIY Tropical Pineapple Pillow Cover. This project is so easy and inexpensive! Use any graphic to create a custom look!
Aloha my friends! Pehea 'oe (how are you)? I'm missing Hawaii right now, can you tell? :) Maybe it's because we had such a cool and rainy Memorial Day weekend, or maybe because this weekend was the Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards on O'ahu, which is kind of like the Grammy awards of Hawaiian music. Some of my favorite Hawaiian musicians like Mark Yamanaka and Sean Na'auao are past recipients of these awards and also won again this weekend (Ho'omaika'i 'ana! Like they'd be reading my little ol' blog and seeing my congratulations to them, haha! I'd faint). Online updates for this event are great, but my dream would be to one day be there in person, just to experience it once in my life. But I digress...

Did I ever tell you that my mom worked for Dole Pineapple on O'ahu back in the day? No? Am I straying off topic again? Well it all ties in somehow to this pineapple pillow cover I made this weekend because making it helped ease the longing I'm having for Hawaii, see?...Okay, not really, but it did brighten up an otherwise gray and rainy weekend, so let me show you how this fun pillow craft project came to be.

Earlier this year when I saw this photo below from Australia's Life Instyle, I was instantly drawn to the whimsical pineapple pillow from Australian-based Ourlieu:
Big pineapple pillow from Ourlieu.com, $70
This pineapple pillow cover retails for $70 not including shipping costs from Australia, which would probably be another $20 at least. Boo. I just don't want to spend that much on a pillow cover no matter how cute. So I put it out of my head and went on with life, and that was that.

But then about a month or so ago, Debbie from Refresh Restyle posted this adorable DIY crab pillow. Doesn't this look like something you'd see in a little beach side boutique? I love everything about it including the pillow cover with the braided jute trim:
DIY crab pillow from RefreshRestyle.com

Then BAM! That pineapple pillow from Australia entered my head again and I realized I could make my own pineapple pillow using Debbie's tutorial. YES! So that's what I did. 

In my mind, I knew I wanted to keep it black and white, but I could also envision it with a water color-ish effect, so I did a quick photo editing to show you what it could look like with color (okay, so maybe pineapples don't have pink in them in real life, but apparently this one does). I can't decide which one I like better after seeing them, I love them both! How about you?
DIY Tropical Pineapple Pillow Cover. This project is so easy and inexpensive! Use any graphic and color to create a custom look!

This pillow project took maybe 1/2 hour at most and cost less than $11. I'm not going to write out the directions since Refresh Restyle's tutorial explains it all, so please head on over there for detailed instructions on how to make your own graphic pillow. Thank you so much, Debbie! I'll just share a few of my own notes here about making this pillow:
  • Pillow cover - you can use whatever you like, but I really liked the pillow cover Debbie used with the jute trim. Just so you know, it's not white, it's more of an off-white/cream color which was fine by me. At Hobby Lobby, this 18" pillow cover is $9.99 and I used their 40% off coupon to bring it down to $5.99. 
  • I had a pillow insert already from another pillow I was getting rid of, so I just recycled it into this new pillow cover.
  • I downloaded the pineapple graphic from Graphique on Etsy for $1. There are several pineapple graphics online and you may be able to find one for free that you like. I couldn't find a pineapple on one of my favorite graphics site Graphics Fairy, but she has thousands of graphics over there if you want something else. I liked this pineapple so I was okay paying a buck.
  • I wanted a BIG pineapple so I enlarged the graphic, cropped it in two in my photo editor, then printed each half on two pieces of 8.5"x11" transfer paper to get a bigger graphic. It just takes a little care to get them to line up when transferring onto your pillow cover, but it can be done.
  • Debbie recommends Leslie Riley's TAP paper so that's what I used. I have to say, it was really easy and great to work with. I have a few pieces still left over and I'm wandering around my house trying to figure out what else I can transfer! It's about $1.59 a piece.
  • Anything you transfer will be in reverse so if you want something in a specific direction or any writing on there, you'll have to reverse your print before adding to the transfer paper.
  • If the graphic you choose doesn't have color and you want it, you can have it! You can add color to a digital graphic through photo editing like I did above, then print it in color if you have a color printer, or you can add color right to the transfer paper with fabric or regular coloring pens before ironing it on to your fabric and it will transfer the color right over. Amazing!
DIY Tropical Pineapple Pillow Cover. This project is so easy and inexpensive! Use any graphic to create a custom look!

I am so happy with how this fun little pillow turned out, it makes me smile every time I walk by it. I can't wait to find other ways to create using transfer paper. Ooh, the possibilities!



  1. I love it! I agree with you, the B/W is my fav, but the color is good too. Mahalo. I miss Hawaii too, but just-so-ya-know, it rained like crazy on Oahu this weekend too. At least it did where I'm from -- Laie on the North Shore. So maybe you could feel at home anyway! :-)

    1. Haha, yes, that would make me feel more at home indeed! For some reason, I just don't mind the rain as much when we're in Hawaii. :) Thanks for stopping by Janet! Sharon

  2. Love your pillow, Sharon! :) The black and white pineapple has such a classy look. I'm on a tropical kick lately myself, but only in my mind. I'm going to have to unleash it somewhere in our apartment. =D You have been given many unique gifts, but one of them is also to share your aloha outside of Hawai'i, too, which you do all day, everyday, I am sure. =D

    1. Aloha Yvonne! That is the nicest thing someone could say to me, mahalo. You DO need to unleash some tropical in your apartment, though it is all around you too. :) I love seeing you here because every time I see your name, I think of my little hometown of Waianae and knowing you are there just makes me happy. :) xoxo, Sharon

  3. I love it! and I love the trim. Finishes the pillow off perfectly.

  4. Love your pillow! That transfer paper is the best that I've ever used!

  5. I love that transfer paper!! Your pillow, and Debbie's are so pretty Sharon!

  6. This is adorable! I've been wanting to try transferring an image on to something for a while now, particularly my initials. I am from the south after all. ;) I'm sorry you're feeling so nostalgic for Hawaii. I hope you get some sunshine soon!

  7. Hi long lost friend! It’s Marin mama over here, yes your slacker friend who has no time for her blog lately, or no time to run over and say hi on your blog. Do not think that since I have not been responsive or in touch that I’m not thinking about your adorable face everyday! I miss your smiling face, your enthusiasm and spirit! Life is calming down a bit now that the kids are almost out of school, so I feel like there is some light at the end of the tunnel and I have some time for them now as well as myself. I hope life is wonderful for you and the family! I’m so happy everytime I see your post in my inbox and I always stop by to see what you’re making! Love and miss you sweetie! Sending you and your family lots of light and love!

    xoxo, Jackie

    1. Jackie!!! I love seeing you here, you just made my day. I understand, I have not been blogging as much either and you have so much going on! I'm glad things are starting to settle down for all of you. I just think of you and smile! Sending lots of light and love back to your family too. xoxo, Sharon

  8. Thanks for the tutorial Sharon - I have always wanted to try something like this! Pinned:)

  9. This is great. Coming from someone who does not like this look, ever, I happen to adore this one, which, is HUGE. For me. Great job and thanks for sharing. Excited to find you!


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