Friday, June 20, 2014

23 Ways to Transform Walls with Paint and Pattern

23 Ways to Transform Walls with Paint and Pattern | Lilikoi Joy
Hello and Happy Friday to you! It's also the last day of Spring! Do you have any weekend plans? I'm so looking forward to this weekend, we lots of fun things planned - from a 25th anniversary party for our awesome neighbors M&M, to hanging out with my sis, to continuing the family room update. I'll fill you in on some of the happenings later next week, but right now I want to talk about painted patterned walls! I recently curated a Paint Patterned Walls board on Hometalk and found so many amazing and creative patterned wall projects there that I wanted to share them here with you. For more details on each of these amazing walls and more, click on the collage image above or go to my Paint Patterned Walls board where you'll find a link to each of these patterned wall ideas and more. People are so creative. I love that. :)

Do you know about Hometalk? If you follow this blog regularly, you've probably heard me talk about them. It's an amazing community of home enthusiasts and professionals who share and discuss all things home - design, decorating, maintenance, gardening/landscape, DIY projects, professional services, and anything else related to home improvement. You can pose questions, post ideas, and even clip favorite projects from around Hometalk to your own curated boards. I really enjoy being a part of this community and if this sounds like your kind of place too, it's free and easy to join. While you're there, you should follow Lilikoi Joy on Hometalk! :)

Now let's get back to wall talk. There are many ways to create drama and interest in a room and one way to do that is with pattern. When added to large surfaces like walls and ceilings, big bold pattern creates such impact within a room. The right pattern can transform a space by blurring corners and boundary lines in a room, making spaces seem larger and certainly more dramatic.

There are several materials you can use to add pattern to walls including wallpaper, wood, fabric, stone, even washi tape, but my favorite way is with paint. It's cheap, you can customize colors to whatever you want, and it's relatively painless to get rid of if you get tired of it. We have a painted patterned wall in our front entry that didn't cost anything extra except time and a sore neck for a couple days, but it was worth it:
23 Ways to Transform Walls with Paint and Pattern | Lilikoi Joy

In our master closet makeover, a gold stenciled wall adds so much character and interest in an otherwise boring but functional space. 
23 Ways to Transform Walls with Paint and Pattern | Lilikoi Joy

Check out more beautiful patterned wall projects on the Hometalk Paint Patterned Walls board! I so need to find a place for the black and white spotted wall. Ooh, and the ombre, that's beautiful too! Just go over there, you'll see what I mean. :) 

So what do you think about patterned walls? Do you have any? Would you add one in your own home? If so, where and what are you imagining for that space? Inquiring minds want to know!


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  1. I love stenciled walls but so much work. Your closet is still my fav! So glamorous.


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