Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Garden Tour 2014

Summer Garden Tour: Orange roses

June is the prettiest month in our garden. All the roses are in bloom and things still look fresh and green, not yet wilted from the heat of summer. I love sitting out on the patio in the mornings, sipping my coffee and enjoying a little quiet time with my dog, and I also like to putter around the garden to see what's new and growing or blooming. This year I haven't been as attentive to our garden as in years past. Even though the backyard has been a bit neglected, it's still putting on a beautiful show. Way to bring it, garden!

Would you like to take a stroll with me and check out what's blooming in the garden today? It was a bit misty this morning when I took these photos so some of the flowers have raindrops on them, but it cleared up and turned into a beautiful day.

Before we head into the backyard, let's take a quick peek at the flowers on the front porch since you would have walked right by these on the way to the front door. I stepped out onto my front porch this morning with my cupcake pajamas on (yes, I did!) to snap this pic of the flower boxes lining the railing of our front porch. We have 4 of these flower boxes but I only got the box closest to the front door because, you know, I'm in my pajamas and don't need to be stepping out any further. This year I planted coleus, potato vine (not seen here), and impatiens in the boxes and love this combination for this partly shady area, especially with the hydrangeas in front of them:
Summer Garden Tour: container box with impatiens and coleus

Now that I've thoroughly befuddled the neighbors with my unbrushed hair, cupcake pajamas, and a camera hanging off my neck, let's head out to the backyard:
Summer Garden Tour
Can you spot the whirly lobster in the garden? That's a contribution from my Dad (whose from a lobster fishing family on a little island off the coast of Maine) who showed up one day in my backyard pounding that thing into my garden. It's been there for about 10 years now. :)

This one is the 'Double Delight' hybrid tea rose. It blooms profusely and is super thorny.
Summer Garden Tour: Double Delight hybrid tea rose

This next photo has an interesting story. The deep wine colored rose is actually a sucker that I didn't notice which grew off the same double delight rose bush you see above. A bush with two different color roses! You never know what you're going to get with a hybrid rose. I read somewhere that these suckers should come off so I'm whacking it down, but it's quite amusing to see.
Summer Garden Tour: Double Delight hybrid tea rose

Peonies are among my favorite flowers. They remind me of my mother who grew many peonies as we were growing up and I used to sneak out there when I was a teenager and cut them to put in my room. My mom always had beautiful peonies. She's like the peony whisperer! I think this is 'Dr. Alexander Fleming'. They're pretty pink peonies, whatever they are. :)
Summer Garden Tour: Pink peonies

I'm not sure the name of this light pink rose, these are small roses and remind me of cabbage or old English roses. Alba rose, maybe? I liked this one as its still unfurling and the center looks like a heart. 
Summer Garden Tour: Pink rose with a heart center

Here is the same kind of rose all opened up in a cluster:
Summer Garden Tour: Pink roses

Let's take a break from the flowers for a moment to share a lovely word that I saw on Facebook. I love this sentiment. Too often, people get caught up in what someone else is doing or trying to keep up or catch up with the Joneses, comparing themselves to their neighbor or best friend or sister or a celebrity they've never even met. That seems exhausting. Just bloom!

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program. :)
Now we get to a few patriotic roses. This one is 'Mr. Lincoln'. It smells divine:
Summer Garden Tour: Mr. Lincoln Rose

'Fourth of July' is a semi-double red and white bloom. It's a climbing rose that blooms profusely all summer along the pergola:
Summer Garden Tour: Fourth of July climbing rose

I forgot to take a photo of these 'Fourth of July' roses actually climbing on the pergola-trellis structure we made, but please enjoy this photo from last year. It pretty much looks the same this year. :)
Summer Garden Tour: Fourth of July climbing rose

The 'John F. Kennedy' rose is a beautiful large white rose on long stems.

I don't know the name of this rose. It's so fuschia that it's almost red, or else it's so red it's almost fuschia. Whatever color it is, it's stunning. I want a dress this color:
Summer Garden Tour: Fuschia-red rose

Let's take another little break from the roses with this fuschia hanging on our covered patio gazebo. My guys gave it to me for Mothers Day. I've received fuschias over many Mothers Days along with other plants and I love this sweet little tradition they have. We have a hummingbird that visits this fuschia several times a day.

Now back to the roses. 'Easygoing' Harflow floribunda rose is one of my favorites in the garden because of its beautiful apricot color and generous blooms:
Summer Garden Tour: Easygoing floribunda rose

 And finally, I thought I'd end with this happy little yellow rose. I don't know the name of it, but this is one tough little rose that still manages to be happy despite its circumstances. Years ago I transplanted it from the front yard to a dark shady area under some trees in the backyard. I really didn't think it would survive the transplant or like its new spot, but it has. When I see this rose bush, I have the urge to start singing, "♪ I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day...♪."
Summer Garden Tour: Yellow Rose

If you see an unruly-haired woman in cupcake pajamas singing "My Girl" to her roses, just let it go. She's harmless.



  1. I usually head out in my bumblebee PJ's! Luckily for my neighbors, the closest one is a mile away. Your garden is just beautiful Sharon! Thanks for a wonderful tour!

  2. Look at all the color! You have a stunning garden Sharon. Nothing wrong with hanging out in your garden in cupcake pajamas!

  3. Oh my goodness! My jaw actually, literally dropped when I saw that picture of your backyard garden. Incredible!!


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